Why Yomi, why now?

Originally aired: May 2023

Dr. Sathish Palayam, a general dentist in New Bedford, Massachusetts, has been performing robot-guided implant surgery since early 2020. During this webinar, he explores the the ins and outs of robot-assisted implantology and shares his perspective on what this innovative clinical approach has meant for his practice, his team, and his patients.

Doug Fettig, a leading business consultant in the dental space, joins Dr. Palayam at the conclusion of the presentation for an open Q&A.

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Learning objectives

  • How the Yomi system works and how the robotic workflow can easily be integrated into your existing clinical processes. 

  • What Yomi has meant for Dr. Palayam's implant practice and how this highly efficient, digital treatment modality has made things easier on his team.

  • How robot-assisted surgery contributes to a better patient experience (testimonials/case studies).

  • The financial impact Yomi has had on Dr. Palayam's implant business and specific factors that have contributed to growth.

Hear from an industry expert


Sathish Palayam, DDS

Dr. Palayam received his Doctor in Dental Surgery from The University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. While implementing cutting-edge technology in his own private practice, he also travels the world teaching thousands of dentists how to integrate exciting, fast-growing technologies.

Dr. Palayam is one of only a handful of dentists in Massachusetts trained on LANAP, an advanced laser-assisted periodontal osseous surgery, and LAPIP, an implant surgical protocol along with 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), as well as its application in surgical dentistry with predictable outcomes. He also lectures on robotic dental implant placement and workflows. He is a member of the Massachusetts Dental Society, training new dentists on dental office compliance and standard of care for better and more predictable treatment outcomes.